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"Just the things included in this manual on what " NOT TO DO" made it well worth the price! I saved much more than $95.00 just in time avoiding pit falls that I would have certainly fell into!"

Andrew Garratt, Denver, Colorado

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R. Jacobson, New Jersey

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This handbook is a MUST READ for anyone wanting to start a mediation practice or needing to give a boost to an existing practice.

I first contemplated writing this handbook about a year before I actually sat down to do it. My initial reservation was that sharing my secrets with the "mediation world" would somehow hurt my current practice. Then I realized there is enough business to go around, and that I could really help other mediation practices, whether young or mature, spend money more wisely and implement smart and effective marketing strategies to boost their bottom line.

Let's face it, we all love what we do, but at the end of the day we have to make a living. Keeping that thought in mind, this handbook will show you effective ways to market your practice, minimize costs, handle more clients, and spend less time doing it all. Every type of mediation practice can utilize these techniques.

Practitioners who purchase, read, and implement these strategies will certainly reap the financial benefits.

The resources that I provide will save you countless hours of time, because I have already spent those hours for you. That, in and of itself, makes purchasing this handbook worthwhile. When I first started practicing seven years ago, I searched and searched the Internet for something like this, and there was nothing out there that provided any real-world guidance.

I will show you ways to reduce your costs and increase your revenue, and I guarantee it. I will share techniques for offering additional revenue-building services with no additional work. You will learn how to build strategic alliances with other professionals, like me, so that you can truly offer a "Full Service" mediation practice, and your clients will love you for it. We all know that happy clients mean future referrals, and that is what it is all about. And you do not need to be an attorney-mediator to benefit, as many readers are non-attorney mediators, just like me.

In today's market, to be competitive, you absolutely must have an attractive website, and I am going to provide you resources for creating high-quality websites that are optimized for good search ability within a week of starting, so that within 10 days you will start receiving phone calls and booking mediations. All this for under  $300.00. Take a look at two of my sites, www.forensiccpafirm.com or www.orlandomediator.com.

They both cost me under $300.00, and were up and running within a week.

Further, I am going to show you how to guarantee your website is on the front page of Google every time your chosen keywords are searched. This resource has more than doubled the number of mediation calls I get every month and has increased my website traffic. Want to test it? Go to Google.com and search  "divorce mediator Jacksonville" or "divorce mediation Jacksonville" or "mediator Jacksonville." I guarantee you will find my website is one of the top listings every time. And yours can be, too, without paying Google anything.

Finally, you are getting the benefit of my countless hours of research, costs-saving strategies, marketing strategies, website strategies, resource web links, and ways to avoid pitfalls—all for under $20.00.
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